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Introducing Our Unique Level System


At our salon, we prioritize continuous growth within our team to enhance your overall experience. Our Level System is meticulously crafted, ensuring that each Licensed Professional achieves specific targets, fulfills scheduling requests, and meets rigorous education requirements. 

Our team charges hourly session rates based on their education, experience, specialties, skill, and demand.

Hourly rates are charged by length of time of service and are all inclusive.

Your satisfaction is our paramount concern, and we achieve it by maintaining consistency among our team members. Through dedicated education and training within our in-house education program, along with guidance from on-site educators, we guarantee a reliable and exceptional experience during every visit.

Explore the Levels:

Assistant: New talent undergoing training, providing discounted services.

Level 1: Trained professionals offering basic services.

Level 2: Educated and partially booked, offering specialized services.

Level 3: Seasoned professionals with several years of experience and high demand.

Level 4: Highly educated and trained, with very limited openings.

Level 5: Booked out 2-3 months in advance, offering highly specialized services.

Level 6: Mentorship role leading the team, with a 6-month waitlist and meeting all education requirements. 

Our versatile team is adept at preparing you for any occasion, and our Level System is tailored to accommodate your beauty budget. Regardless of the level you choose, we stand behind our work with a guarantee of quality.

For personalized recommendations or a hair consultation regarding pricing, feel free to reach out to your stylist directly or message us on social media! 

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