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A New Way To Color – Introducing COLOR.ME GLOSS!

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Last year we attended the KEVIN.MURPHY FAST FORWARD hair show in Austin . We were introduced to the new gloss color and we knew immediately that this needed to be at TBB! Let us tell you all about it!

As a multi-functional service, COLOR.ME GLOSS will color and treat your hair, providing nourished, strengthened, and repaired hair fibres for thicker, healthier hair. It also improves vitality and provides intensive moisture to restore hair. The result? Beautiful, luminous hair color with improved health that looks softer, and shinier!


KM.BOND2 is the new technology that is featured and present in all COLOR.ME GLOSS SHADES + CLEAR. This acts on the hair’s interior and exterior to replenish and reinforce the structural bond in the cortex. These additional bonds give the hair a filling effect that ensures 37% THICKER and 25% STRONGER hair.

KM.BOND2 is an advanced plant-origin protein complex that creates new hair bonds inside the hair cortex and cuticle layer. The plant-based protein complex features amino acids, peptides, and a hybrid copolymer. It is produced using protein-rich superfoods, including rice, lentil, soy, and quinoa. The proteins from these superfoods are hydrolysed to create smaller molecules that can penetrate the hair fibre and impart repairing benefits.

This allows COLOR.ME GLOSS to color the hair while providing a gradual strengthening and thickening effect.

In addition to the KM.BOND2 technology, COLOR.ME GLOSS is Ammonia, PPD, and MEA free and has naturally-derived ingredients and high purity coloring molecules. The ingredients include Panthenol, Propanediol for deep hydration to keep the hair moisturised, and Omega 3,6 and 9 for enhanced hair softness and shine. They also include Vitamin C, a natural antioxidant that helps protect and maintain color purity. Obtained from sorbitol, a natural sugar source, this form of Vitamin C ensures maximum vibrancy for pure, bright color results.

Like all our other products GLOSS is vegan and cruelty free and the formula is biodegradable. Thanks to its low fragrance level, it offers a more pleasant coloring experience for those who are sensitive. KEVIN.MURPHY also goes one step further and reaffirms its commitment to sustainability by using recycled plastic packaging. Also, the production plant uses an innovative manufacturing process to save energy.

This color line fits everything we want for our guests. It provides incredible color results , cutting edge technology, while delivering clean healthy ingredients to your hair. After this treatment color your hair will feel soft and will have incredible shine!

We recommend a GLOSS treatment after a blonding service or in between your balayage appointments to refresh your color and bring the shine back to your locks. If you have any questions about this new color line please feel free to contact us or reach out to your stylist directly.

We are excited that our team is able to bring this innovative modern color to our Central Maine Community.

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