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Why we charge hourly for services.

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

We offer HOURLY/GENDER-NEUTRAL pricing.  We charge based on the time required to achieve your desired look, not your gender or age. Before, as in common in the salon business, women were charged more than men.

The hair industry started to make a shift a few years ago with the introduction of balayage, baby-lighting, shadow rooting and foilayge, as a result color is no longer seen as a one-size-fits-all type of service. It was time to adapt to a more modern menu.

In just about every other industry, specialist charge by the hour. Cost is determined not by the service itself but by how long it takes to provide it. Your lawyer bills you for the number of hours they spend working on your case. Your accountant charges you for the number of hours they spend filing your taxes. If you get a 90-minute massage and your friend gets a 30-minute massage, you’re going to pay more even though you’re both technically getting the same service.

Traditional salon pricing usually consists of a menu with specific services. Pricing for chemical services are usually a starting point while pricing for styling or cutting may vary based on specified lengths. As long as stylists charge accordingly based on density and length, service-based pricing should accurately reflect the time vs product usage. However, all these specifics can make a menu a little busy...and leave a client a little confused with terminology like “shadow root” vs. “toner” vs. “root smudge.”

—Hourly pricing is the practice of charging clients for time rather than service.

When charging for time, it is not simply about setting a timer and charging for however long it takes you to complete the service. It is more about quoting time and sticking with that quote. For example: “Based on what you want to achieve, it will take me three hours. I charge $100 an hour, which brings the total to $300.”

—Switching over to an hourly model allows both the stylists freedom and clients budget without hurting salon revenue thus—future proofing our salon.

—Switching over to hourly not only affords us more control over the salon revenue but gives our stylists ability to make the money they want and deserve.

At first glance, clients might see this as a major price hike. While stylists know techniques to achieve the desired look can be lengthy and extensive, many clients might not realize that walking in the door. In order to achieve a look, it could include numerous a la carte services, which quickly add up oftentimes more than an hourly rate. Instead of having an uncomfortable and often surprising conversation in the middle of what is supposed to be an enjoyable service, all the money talk can be forgotten and our guests actually can walk out getting the results they want at the price they agreed on before walking in the door.

Even better, you can use a card on file to place a deposit or pay in full so no need to worry about it the day of.

Win. Win.

We are a team of SPECIALISTS.  Each of our artists are educated hairdressers and specialize in  one or more premium specialty services such as razor, dry and textured hair cutting, foil work, balayage, vivids, color correction and extensions. Our artists take continuing education throughout the year, both in and outside of the salon.

***As part of our training program, our assistants perform services on real clients during their apprenticeship at a reduced hourly rate.

Here are some examples of what inclusive services could be:


Services like a regular or speciality haircut, a new client haircut, a transformative haircut or simple event styling.


Services like maintenance hand painting (balayage) or partial highlighting with glaze or shadow root with or without haircut, dry curly cuts for a client with very dense curly or tightly coiled hair, extra long or thick hair with a specialty dry or razor cut.  Maintenance coloring such as pops around the hairline and tip out, or a color melt or zone toning with specialty haircut, extension maintenance.


Extensions install, color services for “the works” like base color with highlights, hand painting with a shadow root and glaze, full head of microlights, a glaze, a shadow root with haircut.


Color correction, High Blonding services, platinum services, fantasy coloring, or extension work with color services*color correction services must book 15 min session on a day prior to service, so we can be prepared for your actual service.


The Beauty Bar Salon offers editorial work for collaborations with local businesses.  Email us your date, total number of guests to be styled, location and time of the event.

We are very proud to join in with those salons that have already made these advances and feel this is more in line with who we are. We hope you too will appreciate this move to cultivating a more unbiased salon environment.

XO Christine

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