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Smoothing + Straightening Treatments

Our selection of keratin and straightening systems prioritizes natural ingredients for the benefit of both your hair and the environment. Our certified stylists are well-versed in these treatments, ensuring their proper and expert application.

Texture Treatments

Cezanne Keratin Treatment

3+ Hour Service 
Lasts up to 3 months

The unicorn combination of non-toxic ingredients and super effective results. Since we introduced the Cezanne Smoothing Keratin Treatment to our guests, we’ve never looked backOne big reason our guests keep coming back for Cezanne treatments is they love having beautiful, easy-to-style hair with lowered maintenance time and product use. A Cezanne treatment adds shine to all textures, cuts blow-dry time by 30-50%, reduces styling time, allows for wash-and-go and air drying without frizz, and provides the longest-lasting blow-drys, even in the full heat and humidity of summer.

Cezanne Keratin Express

1 Hour Service
Lasts 30-45 days

Same Cezanne treatment but only lasts about 30 days perfect for someone looking to try this treatment for the first time without the longer commitment. The more often you get this treatment the better and better your hair will feel and look.  

QiQi Texture Modification 

QiQi Straight  2.5 Hours 
QiQi Relax  2 Hours 
QiQi Curls- 1 hour 

Developed for those who defy the limits and envision trends, Qiqi Vega Straightening treatment is by far the most advanced solution QiQi has ever made. With 3 different versions that cover almost any hair type, provides PERMANENT results, rich in conditioning and gloss ingredients, leaves the hair shiny insanely soft with eye-opening radiant results, it’s the ultimate straightening treatment for trained professionals.

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